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Custom portrait- 2 people

Custom portrait- 2 people

Receive a head and shoulders portrait of you and your better half, or you and your child, or your two children,  printed as an 8x10 on archival print with archival ink, for a long-lasting, one of a kind creation. This also makes a great gift for friends.

I will need:
1. several high resolution photos of the two people  (preferably different angles and expressions), they do not have to be in a photo together 
2. a description of what these two people are like (think 3-5 adjectives describing each of them)

Allow 2-3 weeks.

If you are wanting any elements other than a head and shoulder portrait of the two, (for instance, the two doing something to show their interests) contact me with your ideas, and I will give you a separate quote.
Do the same if you are wanting more than two people in a portrait, or if you have an idea for any sort of a custom illustration.

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225 USD